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The Vaccine Injured Petitioners Bar Association welcomes you to its new website. The VIP Bar Association was created in 2010 with the focus and mission of bringing together all attorneys who represent individuals who have suffered adverse events from vaccines.  In just eight years’ time, this bar association has nearly quintupled in size and has become an influential voice on behalf of those injured by vaccines. 

Through this website, VIP Bar members in good standing will have secure access to a members-only forum where practitioners can access critical documents, guidelines for practice, sample pleadings and motions, and a list-serv to communicate with fellow practitioners on hot topics in the Vaccine Court.  In addition to the members-only area, this website is your sole resource for upcoming events, CLEs, and recent developments. 

Benefits of Membership

By joining the VIP Bar Association, you will instantly receive access to critical documents, CLE information, pleadings, motions, briefs, critical case law and presentation materials that can greatly assist your practice.  Most critically, you will get to converse with fellow practitioners about current events and recent trends that may affect your practice.  If you represent individuals who have suffered adverse events from vaccines, joining the VIP Bar is a must. 


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The date for the CFC Judicial Conference may be changing, tentatively to November 14, 2019.  The VIP Bar will then coordinate its conference and boot camp to correspond to the CFC Judicial Conference.  More details to follow!












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